Mafia Island

The name Mafia derives from the Arabic "morfiyeh", meaning “group”. Like other island of Pemba and Unguja, Mafia is the series of the Island that makes Zanzibar though it has not been documented. The Island is not yet explored that much with very clean waters credited for scuba divers and fishermen.

Mafia is having a population of about 40,900 in an area of square kilometers of 394. Neighbored by other small Island of Chole about 2 square kilometers offers a bay that protects deep water with sandbanks and clean beaches. While in Mafia it worth much to visit Jibondo Island to watch the hand-made fabrication of the dhows, enormous wooden boats. The best time for fishing is from September to March. The variety of the coral permits an unimaginable quantity of fishes like flying-fish, red mullet, marlin and tuna.

The Island is accessible easily by a 30 minutes charter flight from Dar es Salaam.

Come with us and experience the watersport game in Mafia Island.