Community Supports & Developments

Vision Trust Development Vulnerable and Orphanage Children centre is fully registered under that Tanzania laws. This non-profit yet unaffiliated with any religion or political party organization operates in Moshi town the land of Mountain Kilimanjaro.

The main objective of our organization is to send disadvantaged group of children to school who live around the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro. Currently we have carefully selected a group of 45 children from different worse backgrounds and we will stick with them from nursery school to the university level.

In our company we have added value to the services that we offer round the year. We are currently using Mount Kilimanjaro as a source of making a difference in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. We encourage our visitors during booking a climb to be a charity “MOUNT KILIMANJARO CLIMB”.

The whole process is so easy. You just need to mention on your booking that you what to visit the centre and our guide will take you there for one to two hours before your Kilimanjaro climb. However we will now appreciate your valuable contribution while in the centre.

Common but not fixed needs includes: Volunteering activities in future or probably after Kilimanjaro climb, sponsoring a child, gifts, fundraising and climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in order to send the child to school.

Come one come all we have a lot of things to share and we will appreciate a lot to have even a word of mouth towards this project.